Friday, June 5, 2009

communication: boys vs. girls

Ohhh I just love him. He makes me laugh so much and warms my heart by simply being himself.

A lot of times I wonder if he's even trying to be funny or cute, but I find myself every single day scrambling to either write down or somehow remember the things he says and does.

This morning, this is how it went while discussing our weekend plans:

Me: Ok so Saturday, I'm going for a long run, then later meeting up with you to help with cleaning clothes out of your closet.

DK: Ok.

Me: Then brunch at Beaver's, go by Home Depot to pick up closet rails for me, pick up the framed art at my house...

DK: Yes, cool.

Me: ...then we'll run by storage, watch an Audrey, relax and maybe do some reading...

DK: (nodding) Sounding good.

Me: Dinner with Danni, concert, and church on Sunday.

Looking up from my list at him, I smile and tell him "Ok, repeat all that."

And he says, without missing a beat "Yes. And church on Sunday."


Ragan Savedra said...


I am an avid reader of your blog and I love hearing about your life! It's so fun to feel like we're friends when we've only met in my car over the radio on the way home from work!
I feel like I know you! I say "you mean my friend, Liz?" Ha! Ha!

Thanks for letting us into your life! :)

Stephanie said...

Duh. that's only my favorite picture of you guys EVER. :)