Friday, June 5, 2009

karate chop ya weekend!

I grew up with all boys, forgive the karate chop reference. Though it serves as a great visual for my approach to this weekend, it does seem a bit violent, ya? Nah. Haha.

Here's what we've got going on:

Double date with Bob and Darcy. Never been to The Melting Pot - we made RESERVATIONS! Ohhh, fancy!

I'm addicted to the elliptical lately, get my ipod pumping and I'm a maniac.

Need to put another clothes rod in my closet, want to be more organized.

Helping DK clean out his closet, clothes he doesn't wear anymore.

Puppy play date with Jen and Daisy!

Typically I like to watch an Audrey movie on weekends while playing in Photoshop. I feel that maybe by osmosis, I may grow to be more glamorous like her... haven't seen Two For The Road in awhile.

Brunch at Beaver's - the best!!

Browse the best thrift shop in Houston.

Go to church :)

Make some ribs for my man!!

Take some portraits, play with DK's lights and stuff.

Swing by the Yale Street Arts Market, see what's new!

Definite nap too. I looooove weekend naps.

Have a great weekend!!


Heidi said...

WHEW!! I'm exhausted just reading that list! Have fun!!

Susan S. said...

Ya'll always have such FUN weekends. It's so great you found each other!

BTW...I was at The Guild on Saturday and was in line behind ya'll. Since we've never met in person, I was shy to say hi, for fear you would think I was a stalker. :)

Deek said...

Sounds more like a "roundhouse kick to the face weekend"! Cowabunga!