Friday, June 26, 2009

sharathon 2009.

I'd be here all day long trying to recap everything that has happened over the last three days. God is so good and has blown us away for showing us favor and providing more gifts of support than ever in KSBJ Sharathon history!!

We've been Twittering and blogging our hearts out though and you can check it all out here.


poison_ivy777 said...

Hey Liz, this is Ivy Morrison from the Lone Star Cowboy Church in Montgomery! We saw you at the Francesca Battistelli brown bag concert and you asked my girls to dance for you after finding out we were part of a hip hop dance crew for our youth group. Well I promised I would send you a link so you could see what it REALLY looked like and not a "try to do this on concrete" half-effort. lol, so here is the link to the video of our performance of the song we "partly danced" for you! Hope you get a chance to check it out!

Keri said...

I so wanted to volunteer this year, but we have been out of town! I am so excited to see that God showed up and showed off at Shareathon!! How incredibly exciting for Houston!