Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"make your own creative space."

Ma Olden is one of the most amazing women I've ever known and she continues to bless and encourage me with her wisdom and example through and through. Ma is my sister-in-law Kim's mother and she's been so generous sharing her with me :)

DK and I try to make the drive out to north Houston to spend time with Ma and Pa as often as possible and last March during a visit, Ma shared some advice that really struck me. I thought you might really benefit from this as well, hence the blog.

After visiting with the men for a while, Ma took me on a little tour around the house of all the projects she's working on. She showed me the quilt she's sewing by hand for one of her sons and as she carefully pointed out the detail, she tells me "with each stitch, I say a prayer for him"... I was stunned. Imagine the love and prayer that completely saturates that quilt!

She then led me upstairs to show how Kim's old room now also serves as her private sewing room where she can spread out her currect projects, a couple of which are for girls less fortunate.
She went on to share how important it is as women that we have our own little nook, a place to spread out and maintain our creative endeavors. "A lot of women use the kitchen table. But what happens when its time for dinner? You have to move your projects to another area and it disrupts your creative flow... other things get in the way. It is so important that, even if just a little quiet closet, you find a space to be YOU and talk to God and be creative continually." She told me she gave this advice to Kim as well and was elated to learn that at Dave and Kim's new flat in KL, Kim is able to spread out and paint freely! It makes absolute sense.

So, last Monday night DK helped set me up for a space next to my books and in front of a window that I can write, sew, plan and create all the ideas and projects that have been bottled up for so long... because I didn't have a set space to do it! I woke up the next morning and sat at my desk looking out over the front yard, Kenai at my side, wow so refreshing. I wrote and wrote and wrote some more. Next, I'm setting up my sewing machine to make the curtains I've been thinking about for ages now.
Thanks Ma :)


Hannah said...

Oh wow! That's so awesome! My mother-in-law has a scrapbooking room all to herself. I can't wait til we move into a bigger space so I can have that. Ma is right, it is something of the utmost importance.

kris said...

For years my Mom has prayed we'd sell our townhouse so I could have my own scrapbooking space. Then came Ike... I think this was God's way. May not always be our way, but He has delivered! Check my blog, for my room. I'd love for you to look around too, come by! I enjoy your blog and your show, I'm a loyal KSBJ'er!
Love your space!

jean said...

xx oo, Ma Olden

P.S. Proverbs 31, ooh ya:)

Rose said...

Wow, you have inspired me, I've recently been layed off from my job and through much prayer God has lead the way. . . I have been thinking of such a place like that for me. . .I'm working on it!