Tuesday, July 28, 2009

it just sucks.

For a long time, I was kinda stuck in a rut on my show. I didn't even realize it. But one day in an air-check session with my boss, he shared with me a new angle on being transparent. That presenting a problem and tying it up in a nice bow/scripture by the end of the talk break doesn't have to be the norm. Try presenting an open ended problem, UGH, and leave it there.

I think about this from the other end of the radio, or even just alone with my friends... how relatable we become when we present chaos and frustration yet rejoice even in the junk. Suddenly it becomes a little closer to being ok, less heavy. There's truly something to shining some serious Light on that darned darkness.

Take for instance my dear friend Lynn. Today she's on my show talking about her recent experiences but she's not at all like "Yadda yadda, I lost my job have two kids at home, a house note and my husband's working two jobs, but God's got it covered!"

No, she's like "Dang it, this sucks. This is really hard." And day in and day out she's moving forward, a living example that it's not all about tying it up in a nice fake bow. She believes YES, and doubt does creep in... fear sneaks in too. But she knows her source of Truth and she's on her face in prayer. Lynn is my hero for so many reasons, but mainly because she lives her life and doesn't hide the junk.

I'm excited to see how many people call, comment and encourage after I air her bit this afternoon. Purely because they've either been there at some point or are there now?

Don't hide in it anymore. It's ok to ask for help. Talk about it and live it out. Talking about junk is a scary place to be but remember in our weakest places, He is strong.


Hannah said...

Hey Liz!

I was listening to your show this afternoon and you let us know about checking out the space ship Endeavor this evening as it left the ISS.

My hubby and I went outside and looked and just got in and I wanted to leave you a comment letting you know I THINK we saw it. If that's what we saw, it almost looked like a shooting star. So cool! Even if that wasn't it, it's exciting to think that those people up there are able to look down on this huge earth and be humbled by what God created. I'm jealous of them. That's some exciting stuff those astronauts get to witness.

Keri said...

Amen!!! I love it! I think it is incredibly powerful for someone, especially in leadership like you are, to be honest about the fact that God keeps you guessing sometimes for day, weeks, or even months on end. To be honest about the fact that you are clinging to His robes with your face buried until the bad or hard stuff has passed, is a true testimony to God being our Rock. After all, who needs a Rock when things are smooth sailing??

Thank you for your transparency and your willingness to trust it with thousands!

You go girl!!

James ~n~ Amber said...

I really needed to read this today. We are struggling with something that's pretty big right now and it's very hard to talk about, but are praying our way through it not knowing what will happen. Thank you.

Official Fairygodmother said...

wow ~ powerful
I wish I could have heard Lynn ... can you post the "interview" for those of us who missed it ???

love you!

maria said...

i think that it is ok to have fear, doubt sometimes, i can't stay perky all the time even when i am going thru something that has me full of fear or doubt, it really urks me when i am going thru something & someone will say well aren't u a christian?....uhh yea but i didn't think being a christian made me less human...sorry folks i am human, i have fear, doubt & yes sometimes i cry!!! we just have to remember & keep remembering who is in control...god is, we may not get what we want when we want, but eventually in god's time plan...liz love your show...well all of you guys r awesome..god bless

Nicole said...

Love your show and blog!! :)) KSBJ uplifts me all the time every day!

Check out my blog too! www.nicolesoul.blogspot.com :)

Stephanie mama drama said...

You know, I have found that to be true on my own wee blog. There is a visceral response from people when they can relate to someone else who has the courage to say, "Yeah, I don't have all the answers, but I know Who does, and I'm depending on Him every day!" The daily walk can be a challenge in and of itself even when there are no major traumas or dramas. Thank you for acknowledging that.