Monday, August 3, 2009

domenica's birthday picnic.

All I told her was to wear something urban hippy braidsy and sandalls if no shoes at all. Domenica's birthday was a week ago but she's been out of town a ton during the month of July and because it's become our tradition to do something memorable for each of our birthdays, Kristen and I made plans to do something for her we'd never done together... even if it is August :)

Kristen and I flew through Central Market and created a hodge podge menu of all our favorite delish items and packed up her little picnic basket complete with flowers, guitar, blankets, camera/tripod, and more. When we picked up Domenica, she look beautiful and had no idea where we were going till we pulled into Eleanor Tinsley park where we set up our picnic with a front row view of the downtown skyline as the sun was setting. Perfect!!!
We laughed, ate, cried, caught up, danced, took photos (1...2....3... JUMP!!!) and just ya know... chilled. Best picnic ever.

happy birthday dc, you are so loved. (and high five kjoy, great teamwork!!)

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kiki said...

we do good together...we make parties come alive. so when is the next picnic?