Friday, August 21, 2009

reflection selection, what's your affection?

It's been a couple weeks since I've been in touch on this ol' blog bizz here. A lot going on in my world, in my heart, good things. I'm listening to Viva La Vida while I write this (thanks Lynnie) so forgive if I'm extra contemplative and introspective, heehee. Here are the highlights of the last 2 weeks, not in order of appearance.

* Hilarious and connected conversation with dad over a few breakfasts and such. Our relationship has flourished and grown bounds in the last year, it's refreshing to experience a new season with the guy who's known you since birth.

* DK receiving a call out of the blue from Chris Seay, asking him to travel to northern India with a crew from Living Water International. They left this morning.

* Celebrating 5 years at KSBJ (8/17/2009)

* Feeling good about doing well and kicking butt at bootcamp. (That's an entirely seperate blog by the way, so many things I've learned about myself there.) Domenica and Brandi make me laugh.

* Booking my flight and registering to run the Denver Half marathon / girls weekend (10/18/2009) with Lynn and Hubba, two close friends from college. I am giddy just thinking about it now!!!

* Talking off-air with Christy Nockels and cracking up together.

* Darcy's birthday breakfast with Heather... and Darcy too of course :)

* Having Britt Nicole back on the show, attending the first Stirring fan club event with her live acoustic set, WOW.

* Breakfast with Tiffany and Hope.

* Watching one of my best friends do her thing on national television. (Domenica on CBS Early Show 8/21/2009)

* Receiving a phone call from Domenica with news that CBS had called, hehe.

* Getting a flat tire on Hwy 59. Within moments Angel and Chuck pulled up, changed my tire then waved goodbye. They lost their jobs recently and had such incredible perspective.

* Reading Cheri Calbom's book, cover to cover. I learned soooo much.

* Hearing from my brother in Malaysia, cracking up over the phone as though we were still kids.

* Wrapping up the I Love Houston Tour 2009 at the Downtown Aquarium. This was a vision of mine for a few years and all the hard work paid off more than I'd ever dreamed. Thanks to the crew who helped make it happen. (Brittany, Steven G, Mandi and Bill)

* Dinner with Danni and his parents, visiting from Taiwan. They speak very little English, absolutely the most precious people you'll ever meet. (Danni is our "adopted" brother, he's a close friend of David my brother.)

* Lynn, Lynn, my darling Lynn.

* Receiving an email from Andrew, letting the family know that after serving 11 months on the Roseway, he's been promoted to Chief Mate!! Incredible!

* Ma and Pa Olden celebrating 31 years of marriage! (8/7/2009)

* Watching Kenai on the front lawn, basking in the sun. She soaks up life as a whole, so beautiful.

* Experiencing some of the most revealing, cleansing, and freeing conversations with Domenica and Kristen. Wow, I'm so blessed.

* Sushi with Domenica, Kristen and mama Susan.

* Recording Miss Reagan Sepulveda's Tips To Get Ready For School. (She's 7 and an absolute superstar)

* Watching Texas sunsets during bootcamp.

* Girl's night at Kristen's place. I love when a random Wednesday night HAPPENS. Everyone was there, was so on, and I'm still laughing. I feel like everyone listened and was heard too... so perfect.

* Watching out my new second story window facing east as the huge planes descend directly above me into IAH. Daydream central, let me tell ya.
* Feeling the supernatural love of God move and work through me, more than ever in my life. He's the air that I breathe, the strength in my fingers, and pulse through my veins. There is no other way to describe this peace, none other.

That's all I can think of now and I have to post some audio on my show blog then pick up some new shower curtains during lunch, so BYE!


Keri said...

It's been a busy couple of weeks!!!

I'm running the Houston half marathon in January and I wonder if I'm out of my mind. My sister, who lives and teaches in Jerusalem, is living with us until December and she loves to run so she motivates me. Never mind how cool I think it is when she talks about how her running route took her from Jerusalem to Bethlehem and back....who can say that??

My sister has gone on a Living Water Int'l trip with 2nd....totally changed her life!

Besides having a couple good girlfriend encounters myself lately, that's all your two weeks and my life have in common right now!!

Hopefully Wed. I can share about a certain someone I know who is going to be working quite a bit with a certain someone you know!

Ashley Behn said...

Of all the things going on in your life, I'm most amazed that the thought of a marathon gets you giddy.


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