Friday, September 18, 2009

crazy love.

Been reading Francis Chan's book Crazy Love - was ticked at first because I wanted the clarity and answers upfront but he's so intent on stopping to breathe between thoughts and taking your time to soak up nature in the process of reading and experiencing the book. It's what I've really needed... to reset my focus and energy off of the obvious and get back to working on some of the fundamentals.

Something he talks about that really struck me was concerning familarity. In relationships it's easy to become complacent and familiar with one another and we do it with God too. Especially if you work in ministry, He's what you talk about, what you know and can easily become the default subject. This makes sense to me. He then has you watch this video on the cosmos that blew my mind, his intent in showing it was to remind me that the God of the universe LOVES me. He's CRAZY about me. I am not a default subject to Him.
I was also reading this morning out of my Sparkling Gems quiet time titled Never Forget How Good God Has Been To You! Of course it's a lot of study on the wandering Israelites and how God continually provided for them while they doubted over and over again. Then I read this: "Don't be classified with those who murmured, complained, and didn't trust God. Be counted among those who are grateful and thankful, who trust God to be exactly who He has declared Himself to be. God is good to you - and don't even let yourself forget it!"

On the other side of this tough time I want to be able to say "I trusted! I had patience! I was thankful!"

Just a thought for today :)


The Nicky said...

Hey Liz! Just catching up some,. and saw your post on Crazy Love. Our small-group has been going through this book for 2 months, but my wife and I have not been a part of it (work commitments, mostly), and so I have not read this yet. What would you reading ahead on my own, or my wife and I reading and discussing it together?

Brittany said...

I'm reading Crazy Love, too!

Angie Smith, of Bring the Rain blog, has started a Christian book club called Bloom.
"Crazy Love" is our first read, and Angie has some awesome discussions about it.

I am anxious for God's Truths to wash over me, and dissolve any doubts and questions that I have about Him and how much He loves me.
His love is just so big, that I can not even wrap my brain around it!!! :)