Tuesday, September 15, 2009

love from Christie.

I've really kept to myself lately and haven't wanted to talk much about DK and me. From the outside looking in, my tendency would be to think something terrible and outrageously dramatic has happened but I assure you, it's not the case... we are really taking our time and trusting that when you pray truths and wisdom to the surface, well, God brings it... and in His own time. So it's all good and we appreciate your prayers :) (It's also important to me that you know I check with him anytime I blog or talk about things, hehe)

Though we’ve never met in person, Christie has become a great encouragement to me through Facebook and by sharing photos on Flickr. She’s an incredible mom and woman with amazing wisdom and insight - after sensing I was going through some personal things, struggling with patience and getting irritated with the “When God, when?!” she sent this email just in time. This is a portion of it:

“If I’m right about that then I’m here to say I know how you feel… Hopefully, peacefully, impatiently heartbroken.

And it can be tiring to remind ourselves of God’s perfect plan. ESPECIALLY, because it can suck to be alone (even if you have a ton of friends). It can be challenging to want His will for your life and act on it at the same time.

The devil loves to tell us that it’s not going to work out. That we shouldn’t even get our hopes up. That we should be grateful for what we have and that its selfish to want more…

The devil HATES it when we remember truths like Jer 29:11 that tells us that God wants to give us a future and hope. The devil HATES it when we count on God to meet our needs for security, love, and joy. The devil WANTS us to seek those things from our circumstances and other people so we’re ultimately let down and discouraged. The devil WANTS you to forget that our God is before all things and that in Him, He holds ALL things together (Col 1:17)

And when you’re worn out and tired and discouraged the devil does NOT want you to remember that our God renews our strength, guiding us along the right paths in order to bring honor to HIS name (Psalm 23:3) (How lucky are we to be used by God to bring HIM glory! wow!)

God knows you long to obey his commandments and that you want your life renewed with HIS goodness (Psalm 119:40)

He knows your heart, your desires, your dreams and that ultimately you want your heart, desires, and dreams to be His!

He’s got this Liz! He’s all over it! He’s carrying you! He’s loving you with His undeserving grace-filled love!

So my virtual friend - when you find yourself feeling impatient, when you’re tempted to not hope, do not fret or have anxiety about anything but in EVERY circumstance and in everything by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, continue to make your wants known to God (Phil 4:6)
He has never left you. He will never forsake you.

And KNOW that the theif comes only to steal and kill and destroy but our God came so that we can have life, and have it abundantly! (John 10:10)

I’ve learned that my abundant life has only come by knowing the TRUTH of who I am through Christ and who God says He is. When I meditate on the truth, I am FREE from the burdens and discouragement I’m tempted to indulge.

So seek Him girl! Seek Him like you’ve never sought before and your eyes will be opened to so much! And a peace that makes no sense will be all yours!”

I think because my God loves me so much, He likes to send little surprises full of encouragement and pats on the back in the most unsuspecting ways. And here, a woman I barely know emails me with the most beautiful words that left me pumping my fist in the air hollaring "Oh ya! Right on!". I can only explain it as being supernatural. Thanks C.


Heather said...

Liz, thank you for sharing this!
I'm a KSBJ listener and love reading your blog. I've read the stories and seen the pictures of you and DK (and love you guys!). The situation that you describe and that Christie encourages you in, sounds a lot like my situation with my boyfriend of 4 1/2 years. I'll just accept Christie's letter as if it were sent to me as well. (I needed it as well.)
I've been heart broken and discouraged--and have felt very selfish for wanting something good. So Christie's reminders of scripture help so much.

~Misty said...

Oh girl, I'm totally praying for you and DK and everything else! I've had so much of what Christie said on my mind and in my heart for a while. I just haven't been able to pen is quite as eloquently as she did. I'm so thankful you shared her email with us! Patience is not an easy thing but something I've learned God teaches me whether I ask for it or not. I've also realized that as much as I think I've gone through some "crap" in my life, it isn't that at all. It is everything that has molded me to who I am, where I am, and encouraged me to be more like Him. God has shown me that no matter what He uses everything for good and it may not be for us but for someone else, the other person in the situation, an outside party, etc. He has beautiful, wonderful plans for us and they are always revealed in His timing, not ours. His perfect timing.

Much love to you! Have an amazing day!

James ~n~ Amber said...

Awesome posts with so much truth ! My encouragement has been coming from James lately and its been amazing. Struggling with infertility has started to really take a toll on me andmy emotions and it never fails, when I need encouraging words the most, he's left me a handwritten note, or sent me an awesome email when he's working nights. Thanks for your post today. It brings light !

Official Fairygodmother said...

Thanks for sharing this ~ and Christie, thanks for writing this!
Wow, it's what we all want to say (to each other) and all need to hear (for ourselves).
Everytime I hear "While I'm Waiting" it takes on a deeper meaning.
Praying for you, while you wait.
I am so very excited that you will be able to spend time with your bros soon!

Love you much

Natasha M said...

I needed this too... Thank you for the post.