Thursday, October 15, 2009

bleeding love.

DK and I found this last night and watched it several times over again. So emotionally and beautifully done, DK says it's "pretty hot and totally solid". I get goosebumps every time I watch again... (I obviously don't watch SYTYCD often haha)


Allison said...

Go on youtube and search for "Melissa and Ade Breast Cancer Tribute dance" You will LOVE it.

Keri said...

I agree with Allison.....amazing!! I am hooked on SYTYCD and there have been more than one performances over the last several seasons that have had a definite WOW factor. The Breast Cancer one was incredible.

heather hub said...

you have GOT to start watching!!! there are SOOOOOO many amazing dances. the choreographers are insane. this was one of my all time favorites though...they did it PERFECTLY and it was so emotion. LOVE IT!

~Misty said...

Oh, Yes! Melissa and Ade's Breast Cancer Tribute was amazing! This one was really good too as it was even repeated this past season when they came back to do it on a special night of favorites.

Brittany said...

I also agree: Melissa and Ade's breast cancer dance is a must see!
I can not watch it with out crying... get a hankie!

I am SO TOTALLY addicted to SYTYCD!!!
I'm thrilled that they brought it back for the fall. :)