Monday, October 5, 2009

cakes in the cupboard.

I specifically remember envisioning my cabinets chock full with cakes lathered in pink icing, cupcakes covered in sprinkles, my freezer so crammed with ice cream the door won't shut and sugary cereal for breakfast every morning or anytime I felt like it. I was 8 and mom denied my request for seconds on dessert.

I have a sweet tooth, what can I say?

And then there was Dirty Dancing. I wanted to see it SO BAD and all my friends got to see it and I even remember a friend of my mom's bringing it over on VHS one night but even after I'd been tucked in 4 times, I was still "so thirsty" and needed to get up for another drink of water. And I totally snuck a peek of the dancing on the log across the creek scene before I was spotted and sent back to bed.

Again I vowed "When I grow up... I'm going to watch and eat and go and do and say and be and wear... whatever I want."

Funny how that works. Being an adult, making choices on your own. Paying bills, being in relationships, driving cars (omg, the best!), staying out as late as you want and so much more. I've mentioned before how I often check in with 10 year old Liz and wonder how cool and adventurous she would be glad she is at 28. High five Liz and right back atcha.

But lately I'm feeling like mom was really on to something. You know, the whole "Train a child up in the way he should go..." bit? (That's an understatement by the way, please hear my comical tone.) Well now that I'm an adult, I can and admittedly have watched some shows recently that I find are affecting my sleep, my responses towards the people around me or in traffic, and alarmingly leave me dying to know what's going to happen next week. Even the tone in which I think, purse my lips, or roll my eyes... I'm a haughty little teenager all over again.

I was driving down I-10 last week and saw a billboard advertising one of these shows, the tagline "Dive Into The Drama" when it really occurred to me. I told DK right then that I wouldn't watch anymore, not for the social aspect, not for "pop culture research", not for the sake of just knowing what's going to happen in just... one... more... episode. I just don't need that drama, I have enough of my own in REAL life haha.

So here's me as an adult doing what I need to do. And wow, it's tough!! Then when I think about what it's like to have teens right now, these shows far more scandalous than they've ever been, I wonder how you as moms don't pull your hair out trying to protect them. Or do you? The scandal, drama, shorter skirts, attitude, and disregard for true love is everywhere you turn and I wonder if you feel like it's just easier to give in?

Here's what I need and am trying to use more as a gage: "Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things." (Phillipians 4:8)

I've gotten to the point where I find one scripture that works for me and repeat it over and over and over and over again till it really starts to take effect. I realize there are so many more areas of my life I need to apply this to, but you gotta start somewhere. I hope this encourages you too, something to pray over yourself and those crazy teenagers you love so much.

* Please note this verse mentions nothing about cabinets full of cake and drawers full of candy being a bad thing. Thank you Paul.


d.j. iverson said...

I love it. This is some great encouragement Liz. Last Nov. I decided I would go 'celebrity-free' for a year, because I started to see how many conversations people (myself included) that centered around what other people were doing. I'm not sure about Houston, but living near LA that was all people ever talked about, and I'm finding out more and more how little importance that mattered. In turn, MY life has become so much more interesting and fulfilling. It was well worth the sacrifice (i use that term loosely) to go back to my Mom's old philosophy of, 'garbage in, garbage out'.

Elizabeth Seay said...

i thought you were talking about me as a kid...i had to reread it.
it must be something about the name "liz" that we love sugar and sweets:)
my kids aren't old enough yet for any of those shows to be an issue.
but i know for me, i try not to watch most of the trash on tv.
there is SO much of it!
it does worry me as my kids get older. we may not let them see it here, but it will be everywhere they go...friends houses, etc.
we pray for God to guard their hearts and minds.

and don't watch "24" makes you want to shoot a gun.
i found myself thinking about that show all the weird:-P

Lindsee said...

Hi Liz!

I live in Houston and listen to KSBJ so when I saw your blog on another friends blog, I clicked over to see if it was you. Indeed it was! I went down and read a few posts and love it. But, I have to say that this post is so true and wise.

I too work in ministry, (I'm a Girls Ministry Director here in Houston) and just this summer a bunch of girls were over at my place and "The Bachelorette" was on and we happened to watch it. They all know I watch it (which I have decided to no longer watch) however, after it was all over we were all complaining about something that happened on the show that night. (Way to lead by example, right?) One of my girls straight up said to me, "Well then why do you watch this crap?" I about lost my dinner, because homegirl convicted me like no other. She didn't say it in a disrespectful way, she was just being honest. Anyway, that's the one show (since I honestly don't watch too much TV) that I have decided to give up, because honestly, why do I feel the need to be all wrapped up in the drama? It's just not necessary. So, this post was definitely a wise one.

Sorry for the long post! Hope your day is great. So fun to find your blog. You now have a new subscriber!


tiffany said...

Who were you parents watching dirty dancing with? I was obsessed with that movie, haha!