Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wedding Stuff.

I really thought this would be a lot more fun than it is currently and somehow felt once we were engaged, it'd be non-stop wedding planning fun. Now that I'm in the bridal mental zone, I realize this is NOT the case. The fun doesn't truly start till you at least set your date!!

What's the hold up? We have big ideas that need lots of approval. We are waiting on the church and have a meeting tomorrow morning for the final word (please pray!) Once we get an okay for the church, then we set the date and start booking the rest of the goods. We have the budget set as of last night, I'm pretty sure I have my dress, caterer, flowers, potential 'outside the box' reception location and we know the color and theme as well. I've definitely chucked a bridal magazine across the room and had a couple sob sessions at this point but the greatest accomplishment of all so far is that DK and I are ultimately having fun together. Every idea he has, every decision he makes, and each time he counters one of my "What if's" and "If only's" with wisdom from super happy wedding planning land, I fall more deeply in-love with him.

I've learned a few things so far about his love languages, his listening capability and communication skills during wedding planning. After the first few weeks of being engaged, I came to terms with the fact I don't think of anything BUT wedding and if anything else happens to come through my brain, it's associated with and influenced by (potentially inspiring further thought and ideas as well) whatever aspect of the wedding I'm currently planning in my head. It's kinda like the HOV lane of my brain. There's a constant flow of wedding planning midstream, while other traffic is flowing north and southbound, glancing longingly towards the lane where dresses, flowers, and table decor flow solely and freely. I explained this lovingly to DK and he nodded and smiled, he's so accepting of me. I've learned that simplicity rules when asking his opinion and when something needs to be done on his end I type an email with 'the thing to do' as the email subject, direct and with few words as possible. Wham, bam, gotcha done!

What I've also grown to love so much about him too is how he's so dang creative and encourging. I obviously already knew that about him, but in this phase of our relationship, I'm realizing this in a whole new aspect. He prays with me at the drop of a hat and listens with a discerning ear. It's apparent to me through his hard word and dilligence he's so focused beyond the wedding to our MARRIAGE. That's a good man to keep you in balance and looking forward to what is most important, I'll tell you what.

I have tons of details I can't wait to share with you but I'm going to hold off till we get the date set and things set in stone. I'm excited to fill you in on everything and spill the beans... hopefully by the end of this week?

Oh and for those of you who are 1. getting married soon too or 2. just love perusing wedding everything anyway, check out these photos and sites I'm obsessed with! (Thanks Brandi!)


Official Fairygodmother said...

remember to enjoy this process
live through each moment
don't try to please others ~ this is Your day
ask for help
it's ok to cry, it can seem overwhelming, but it will ALL come together
We love you both & are praying for you always


The Stallings said...

Hey Liz, I know how wedding planning can take over all your thoughts, but just enjoy it. I love some of the ideas this site has. http://www.thepartydress.net/?cat=71

Also, don't forget etsy.com. They have the most amazing stuff on that site.

Happy Plannin!

Steve said...

I just listened to the proposal online and thought to myself, "This guy is awesome." You definitely have a good grasp of how important the wedding planning can be to your relationship, looking back after 4 years of marriage I regret not being more involved. This is an amazing time in your life, have fun!

stacyaluthi said...

Thanks for sharing those sites. The photos of the backyard wedding is amazing and elegant!

Quick question. I'm wanting a good camera for my Birthday. What camera do you have? Your photos are so good. I'm assuming you know cameras well (esp. since your fiance is a photographer), so I needed your advice!

Thanks a lot.
Stacy Luthi