Saturday, July 31, 2010

love letter frames

I saw this idea in an Ikea catalogue but the idea of purchasing something so impersonal (something with such huge creative potential to be made personal anyway) to me is ridiculously silly, so... I decided to make it my own.

I pulled one of my favourite love letters from DK, one he wrote to me while we were still friends. And I bought a little frame.
I chose this particular letter because in it he wrote about how he knew one day God would open a lot of doors for us to use our combined talents together. All this and we were still only friends. Ya think he was on to something maybe? I've always been astounded with the fact his cursive writing is far more beautiful than anyone's I've ever seen. He even signed it "Your Friend, DK". Oh, I get goosebumps. And then I scanned it.
Next, I pulled it up in Photoshop and blew it up really big. I made sure to maintain my frame size (5X7) and off centered, then tilted my favorite part of his letter.
Orson loves to feel like he's helping out, whether we are sweeping, cooking, editing or anything really. So I took a little break to make sure he knew he was totally helping me out.
And then I squeezed him some more, my little lovey buddy.
Then I sent my love letter to print.
After I placed it in the frame, I realized it turned out better than I'd imagined!
We have this unique situation in our apartment, you see. #1 we have cement walls and #2 though we could drill holes in the cement, we instead choose to be resourceful and do our part to preserve the history of our apt. So when searching for a way to display it, I found this rusty little hook way up the wall next to my desk and window. I decided to use twine to suspend it, but had to staple it in to the frame first. I think Orson was worried that this was not a job for a girl.
And there you have it. My life and love, hanging above my creative space to remind me of when our love was young and our creative potential together was in the early stages of discovery.


Crazykindofgirl said...

This was very creative and personal. I love it.

Kamryn C. said...

Hi! You don't know me but I love your blog! In fact you have inspired me to start my own blog. I love listening to you on KSBJ and I love reading your posts, you just have this great transparent personality. You and DK sound like the cutest couple ever!!!!! (I feel like a creeper! I swear I'm not!!) Ya'll are so blessed in your relationship and I hope that one day I can have something like ya'lls. Congrats on being newlyweds! :)

Keri said...

I love it......I love your space and I love the idea. I'm inspired just from looking at the pictures!!

Oh, and I would really love to hug on Orson too.....

lindseyashworth said...

Ya...I'm gonna go read the chapter on insecurity relating to your lack of creativity again. I should probably just memorize it :) I love it! That is really cool, and I am totally inspired/copying your idea!

James ~n~ Amber said...

I love sweet and personal things like this ! Very precious.