Monday, July 26, 2010

purge book.

I'm fairly certain there's a large percentage of folks that when visualizing the word "purge", they imagine someone ralphing. But for me, I recall my days as a SCUBA shop girl and instead imagine how a regulator attatched to a closed tank after use needs to be purged of the air trapped within the hose. I can hear the sound right now, it's kinda like "Ahhhhhhh..." So that's my visual of purging, take it or leave it.

I have trouble journaling, scrap booking, photo album making, idea collecting, or anything closely resembling the aforementioned hobbies. And there's a part of me though that has always longed to have a sketchbook - one with purpose - but because I can't draw worth a lick, for a long time I've struggled with my worth or capability of actually owning one and really rocking it.

One day recently, I decided to buy one, make it everything I've never been able to maintain, feel awesome about myself and have NO RULES. All in one place. I selected one that is 8.5 x 11 inches and has thick enough paper so everyday feels like a fresh new canvas.

So now I keep it with me at all times. I also carry a pair of small scissors, a gluestick and a terrific pen in my bag. In my purge book, I glue things I tear from (my) magazines, things I want to create, recipes I want to try, details of the dreams I have, specifics I usually forget to pray about, dreams I have for the future, dresses I want to sew, and so much more. It's whatever I want it to be. Mine.

Lindsey does one too. Hers is amazing though. One morning at Barnaby's with Steph and Linds, we looked at one another's and I kinda got sketchbook envy because hers is done REALLY well. I decided to turn the envy into inspiration instead and since have been tracking with some of the ways she details things in her book. That's just how it goes in the creative world, you know?
I was thinking about this on my morning commute today. I sincerely believe there is an artist within all of us. Intimidation and lack of knowing how to burst your particular creativity out on the scene can be pretty immobilizing... so how about discovering your way there through your own little sketchbook?

Here's a really cool nationwide promotion going on, which I think is fatastically stirring creativity across the nation. I didn't get my idea from this though.

And just because I want you to have an extra amazing day, I'm leaving you with this photo of Lindsey just because I adore it so much. I'm really happy that I captured the smile and laughter I remember most about her.
I give you, Classic Lindsey.

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Stephanie said...

LOVE that photo of Linds. You guys are so creative. Love this idea.