Saturday, July 17, 2010


Boots, vintage suitcase and travel. A few of my favorite things!
These boots I actually bought to commemorate my first successful month as an employee at KSBJ in September of 2004. I thought the idea fitting because good boots are an important purchase and I knew I'd have them for years to come. I walked into Cavender's Boot City in Humble, Texas and spotted them from across the store. They are now as much a staple as my kneelength black dress. And that's sayin' a lot.

The ruby red suitcase, I found last minute as DK and I took our usual stroll through The Guild in Montrose one Saturday. It is the city's best thrift store and it's hilarious that he and I both haven't once turned down the suggestion to shop there. We've found so many amazing pieces for around our house and this suitcase is something I categorize under my top 10 best finds EVER. It's perfectly intact, is Hartmann brand circa 1966 and the lining on the inside is beautiful! I named her Ruby. She was $12.

I'm a firm believer you'll find the pieces that steal your heart, come with a perfect story of how you two met that later become a staple in your collection of life's treasures. They represent you, your journey and your style. It's something you can't stress because in a way, I think these potential staples in essence... they actually find you.


Stephanie said...

I LOVE that Ruby Red suitcase. SO CUTE!

Hope said...

I met my best friend Wemmick at The Guild. I'll introduce you sometime.