Thursday, September 2, 2010

road tripping.

I commute 40 miles a day.

Fortunately, I drive to work and back during non-trafficky hours so I don't become the traffic induced stress monster I'm ashamed to admit lives within me. I like to think I'm just super competitive, not a jerk driver, that's all...

So because I love where we live and I love where I work, I recently decided to make the most of my long drives everyday. (I'd much rather ride the bus) I've even gone as far as considering myself on a daily road trip. I get my coffee to go, load up my ipod or audio books, and take pictures of the interesting things I see along the way.

Lately, I'm thinking about learning French.

This morning, on my way out the gate, I caught a glimpse of this mysteriously gorgeous daredevil riding a scooter. He was revving his engine and I was like whoa.

I typically see my maiden name associated with kings and royalty,
but pickles are awesome too.

This dodgy camper is called the "Cobra".
I got a chuckle out of that and think I'd love to own one someday?

I gauge time poorly and this morning even worse so I decided to roll down my windows on the way to work to air dry my hair. It looks really crazy today and I'm enjoying the strange looks I've received from co-workers.

Ahhh, the open road.

Only you can change how you look at the things around you.


lindseyashworth said...

Dear Liz,

Although I do enjoy your exquisite pictures and self-portraits in this blog post, as your friend who is most concerend with your safety and well-being I feel it is my duty to point out the fact that you are operating a motor vehicle during your photo shoots missy so be careful. That is all.


Gerson Barrera said...

awesome :) i enjoy reading your entries. the first picture caught my attention. i took a similar picture a few months ago. (its one of my favorite pictures).