Friday, January 21, 2011

Au Revoir Dakota.

I can't believe it's here already, our final weekend living in downtown Houston. Our beloved loft will soon inspire and motivate someone else towards new creative heights as it did for DK and me. Tonight we celebrate by having dinner at our favorite burger place downtown.

DK moved into this building while we were still "friends" and I actually met up with him to check it out initially. I loved that he was so decisive and even when I suggested maybe he should check out a couple other places he said "Why? I know this is the one!" Thus he officially became an "inner looper".

We fell in-love while he lived there, started our 365 because of the first photo we ever took there together, and yeah, we had some rough times too, but sometimes on Saturdays we'd sit and watch down on the street below the parade of photo shoots taking place - the block so popular for photos taken of brides, engaged couples, seniors, bands, models, and more. We celebrated a Steeler's Super Bowl victory with Michael and Emily (his brother and girlfriend), hosted several birthday parties there, watched potential hurricane storms blow in, and we even welcomed little Orson home there. Gosh, there is so much history in that space.

But the time came for an upgrade because DK had the future in mind. Read the story of how he moved across the hall. Some more photos of our space. It's the first place we lived as married folks, where Orson first met the HPD German Shepherds (from afar), is where we learned to incorporate and decorate our belongings together, where I learned that my husband loves to clean, and will forever remain in my memory as the space DK moved to with intent on bringing me home as his wife. We planned our wedding here, watched Friday night fireworks at Minute Maid from our living room, grew to love the sound of a blazing loud train at 3 a.m. and celebrated my 30th birthday with friends here. We found out we are pregnant and even broke the news to our family in this place. DK also made a lot of pizza messes in that kitchen that I'll never forget :) Yum.

It's going to be a sad goodbye but I can't tell you how thrilled we are to have a yard for the dogs, a garage for DK's tools, a room for my personal creative space, not to mention two of my dear friends live one block away, we also have a guest room for visitors, space to entertain dinner guests and best of all... WALLS!! Oh mylanta, we'll have walls... praise Jesus glory hallelujah.

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Lona said...

What a great post Liz! I feel all warm and fuzzy right now and have a big smile on my face. You are one of my favorite djs on KSBJ. You are an amazing person and God shines through you. You always have the wisest and awesomest things to tell your listeners...and readers :)Thank you for sharing and thank you for being who you are...who God created you to be.