Thursday, January 20, 2011

Retour en Selle.

The term "Back in the Saddle" looks far more lovely when typed out in French, doesn't it? But here I am getting back in the habit of blogging (in English) regularily because this quite frankly is the most incredible time of my life and I never want to forget any of these passing moments.

I am having a baby. I'm pregnant! God is knitting a life together right beneath this keyboard, at this very moment! And I'm excited to share with you all the fun details of what we've experienced thus far. It's been nuts.

I had a feeling something was off physically for a little while, and I don't know if it was fear or denial that kept me from taking a test initially. It wasn't until the weekend before Thanksgiving when I had lunch with two of my best girlfriends, Amanda and Chante, that I began to feel a surge of these confident "this is my body, what I am I waiting for?!" feelings. Being in their presence, seeing Chante so forthright in her approach to life as a beautiful, successful Christian woman and Amanda, in the most amazing shape, rearing 3 beautiful children under the age of 4. The confidence and life was all consuming and so empowering... I called DK on the way home and said, "It's time to take the test."

We drove to Target and walked in hand in hand, DK already beaming like a proud dad, me timid and sure that everyone around us already knew our secret. We selected a 2-pack of those tests, the ones you see in the commercials, paid and were on our way. On the way home, I blabbed a hurricane of rationalizations, how we'll pull this off if the test is positive and so on. DK was cool as a cucumber, still holding my hand and nodding, smiling.

The first test was positive. We didn't even have to wait the alleged two minutes it takes for the plus sign to show up, it was almost instant. DK was laughing, I was prematurely practicing my lamaze breathing. He tells me I need to call Amanda. I get her on the phone and immediately ramble on about the test and it's accuracy and how do you really know? and what was hers like and should we go back and get a different brand... and she literally yells (with 3 sleeping children in the house) "YOU'RE FREAKING PREGNANT!!"

Amanda is like the big sister I've never had and as expected, she immediately shifted into gear. I could hear her rummaging around for keys and shoes as she says "Go back to the store and get a digital test, I'm on my way."

3 more positive tests and an experienced mom to confirm there in person, DK and I were going to have a baby. It was awesome to have her there to help extingush initial fears, pray over us, give DK some pep talks, shriek in excitement with me, and have yet another "Really, God?" moment where you sit across from one another, silently ackowledging this moment and all it's beauty.

"I've been waiting for this moment for so long..." she told me and from there we reflected on the night years ago I was working the evening shift where she and Greg came into the studio to tell me they were pregnant with Emily. I remember every detail about that moment as if it were yesterday...

Though I don't know the details, I do know DK called Brandon in London to share his big news. I can only imagine what it was like to listen in on a phone call like that...

The very next morning we met up with my brothers and Kim to retrieve my mom from the airport. We made a big deal out of her arrival and had a great time together that morning, DK and I feeling slightly distracted because of our little secret.

It wasn't until that night at our place for dinner with everyone - Andrew, Arwyn, mom, David and Kim - that DK suggested we play a game of pictionary (our family is nerdy like that) on the chalkboard. DK went first. He drew a map of Malaysia and a little guy. Everyone determined that it was David. Next he drew a little guy on a sailboat, we guessed Andrew. Point to David, point to Andrew, then he started drawing a girl. They guessed Liz... and in Liz's belly, he drew a mini monster. And then the entire room went silent.

I think it was Arwyn that yelled "LIZ IS PREGNANT!" And I think everyone was still frozen, what do we do, are we stunned, should we scream, do we hug DK or Liz first? And then it was omg's all around. I remember the sound of my brothers hugging DK and giving him a hearty slap on the back saying "Man, congrats, that's awesome!" And I remember Kim's sweet voice and how softly she hugged me... Arwyn's huge blue eyes spilling over in tears from across the table and my mom, just gently touching my stomach comprehending that within me... was her first grandbaby.

I think it was about that moment Andrew asked if we could finally get on with the pictionary game already cause it was his turn... joking of course. Hahahaha, he's so hilarious.

The next morning, it was raining and I met my dad at our spot (Coco's in midtown) to tell him. He went on and on about work stuff, this and that and I kept trying to find my in, as I had no clue how to break the news. It's such a weird place to be!! Kinda nervewracking! Finally we got to talking about my beloved trip to Italy I've been talking about taking with DK. For years, it has been my dream to go back and spend a long time there, I've got the whole trip charted. My dad asked when we were thinking about going and I realized this was my in. I answered "Not at least for another 9 months."

He nodded and thought about it... and then, like a bucket of paint, you could clearly see the realization pour over his head and spill onto the floor. He looked at me with excitement in his eyes and said "Nooooo. Are you... serious?" He then spouted a variety of other filler words and asked "Did your mother put you up to this?!" Haha!

Later that morning, Michael arrived from Pennsylvania and between DK and me, it was still unclear as to when to tell him and his parents. I feel so fortunate this all took place with EVERYONE in town, to be able to tell our family (who all live far away) face to face just blows my mind. I'm sure I kicked DK under the table a couple times at breakfast, urging him to "Tell Michael!!" with my eyes but maybe we were nervous? Who knows, this is uncharted territory and we were navigating through it together being very awkward and silly I'm sure.

Mom and Pop Kilgore arrived not too much later that day and before long we were all sitting in our living room just chatting, unwinding, and out of nowhere DK asks everyone "So did you hear Michael's big news? He's going to be an uncle!" This of course was about as rehearsed as their response, everyone was totally thrown off guard! I'm fairly certain Mr. Kilgore immediately began imagining the plans for the crib he'd build. I can't wait to show you what we have in mind.

It was Lindsey that I told next, but she already knew because she's so incredibly intuitive. Kim and I met her at Tiny Boxwood's and we sat outside on a beautiful morning. It was a really special moment, to say the least... she too has shifted into gear and has been the most amazing help to me, so encouraging and generous. She is also the originator of the baby's meantime name "Baby K".

On Thanksgiving Day, we got to tell the rest of the family but come to find out they alreay knew because apparently my dad is bad at keeping secrets, haha.

The following week I was set to have breakfast with the girls (Brandi, Tiffany, Stephanie, Stacey, Lindsey) at our spot, Baby Barnaby's. (Steph and Stace were unable to make it) The night before I designed and printed out some Today's Specials for the menus to break the news to the girls. I got there early and explained things to the waittress, she was more than excited to help.
It seriously took the longest time for them to look at the menu and see the "special" but when they did, their reactions were hilarious. I got some video of it too.

I told my sweet friend Brittany at the 33 Miles Brownbag by asking if our new staff shirts came in maternity sizes cause I was thinking I'd need one. Without missing a beat, she jokes back, "Ya I know, I'll prolly need one too" and as I held a steady serious face, the realization came over her too. She was more excited and freaking out in a way I'll never forget. I loved telling Brittany.

The next day at the office, I ran into her and she asked if I'd told Barb yet. I said "No, should I?!" She rolled her eyes as she marched me down the hall to Barb's office. You see, Barb is our programming team mom and nothing gets past her. I love this woman, her devotion to us and to her family and will probably never be able to express to her how grateful I am for no nonsense encouragement EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. that pumps me up for my show. And Her reaction was really no surprise.

We stepped into her office, Brit shut the door and before we could say a word Barb looks up from what she was doing and asks "Alright, which one of you's pregnant?" We both fell over laughing so hard, it was awhile before we could explain who really was.

The next Sunday morning, we were in line for coffee before service when Chris our pastor stopped us to say hello. I looked at DK and smiling ear to ear asked him "Should we tell him?" That was all it took, Chris knew immediately, A HUGE grin spread across his face, he folded me into a big loving hug and in the same motion, punched DK's shoulder saying "You potent man, you!" and hugged him as well. His was a most memorable response, he's so good to us.

By the time of the KSBJ Christmas party, it was getting easier to tell the news and I blurted out the news to Becky, Mike (Kankelfritz's)and Christina. They absolutely shrieked, it was hilarious. Sterling (co-worker and husband to my friend Christina) already knew though because a couple days prior he was in the studio filling in for Joey and I was pulling some stuff off one of the computers when I let it slip somehow. His eyes grew to the size of coke bottles and asked "Is there something you need to tell me?!" Such cool memories, all of these.

There are a few women in my life that I consider part of my daily life who don't live here in Houston that I needed to tell in a unique, personal way. In fact, Tiffany is my lifelong best friend since before birth, our moms were actually pregnant together! So I wanted this to be as face to face as possible. DK helped me make this.*Please note, I was actually 10 weeks here, not 8!

A Message from the Kilgores (12-10) from Donald Kilgore on Vimeo.

Finally, on my 30th birthday, after leaking several obvious clues on my Facebook page, I made the big announcement on my show. In all my years at KSBJ, I never ever imagined I'd get to share this kind of news on-air.

Click here to listen.
(Thanks Springer for encouraging me to upload this.)

And this is only the beginning of our pregnancy story. Wait till you find out which one of my best friends is pregnant along with me... and who's getting married!!

Maman et bebe

Baby K is waving at you, wave back!


Becky Kiser said...

So excited for y'all. I kept crying all the way through your story. I have a 5 month old baby girl and so love hearing about other new moms. Pregnancy is the most incredible thing and will draw you into the Lord like nothing else! Plus its a great chance to eat whatever you want and get spoiled by everyone around you! :)

debra said...

I listened to the clip & now tears are streaming down my face. new life is something so special.


LKH said...

So happy for you... I remember so many times you talking on air about how you couldn't wait to have kids. Now you don't have to wait much longer. :) Great blog.

Aubrey said...

Great post Liz!! I am in a small group with Kristal D. and I am two weeks behind you. It's fun to follow your excitement and experiences on facebook and to read all this hear.
Congrats again to you both!!

Ramona said...

I'm so happy for you, Liz. I just listened to your announcement on KSBJ and it was so beautiful. My son was born 18 yrs ago yesterday, and I still remember the day like it was today. My epidural didn't work and I was in labor for 30 hours while my left leg stayed numb for the whole thing and it kept falling off the bed! Ha! When I first saw my son yesterday, he said, "Happy Birthday!" I said, "It is very fitting that you wish me happy birthday because it was definitely a happy birth day for me, too!" Every moment of every day, including those 30 hours, were very, very worth it, Liz, and you will soon know every blessing, fear, proud moment, hilarious word out of his/her mouth, and every tiny thing that only you will see and cherish about the life of your child very soon. And you will cry and laugh and sigh and have emotions you never knew possible in the coming years. And you will, somehow, be able to remember every tiny moment, every tear, every hug, every word, and you'll be able to hold each one in wonderment in your heart for all eternity. I'm so happy for you. Thank you for sharing your joy with us.

Natalie said...

I remember being at the hair salon and checking FB via my iphone while I was waiting. I read your news and tears started streaming. People were looking at me and probably thought I was a french fry short of a happy meal, but I didn't care....It took forever to type you a response between the blur of tears and shaky hands because of the tears, but needless to say, I was and AM beyond thrilled for you...Even though it seems we've drifted a bit in the last few months, know that I love you and pray for you daily.

Keri said...

I am probably overly excited about Baby K.....but don't worry, I'm far enough away for you to not have to worry about stalker issues!!! All I can say? I hope that baby likes Italiano.......cuz I'm determined to have a redo of our lunch there sometime soon!!!

Thanks for all the details (well, not ALL the details, but you know what I mean). I sure love a good story!

heather hub said...

Ahhh! Pictionary! Brilliant reveal. Kudos on that one. You guys are gonna be amazing parents! Congrats again!