Saturday, February 19, 2011

Go Outside.

In this moment, I'm soaking up everything around me and feel abundantly blessed. These are the moments it takes awhile to get to because of irrelevent distractions and sometimes you have to make a choice to just STOP. I have laundry to do, I should probably vacuum the rugs and there are a couple shows I need to catch up on, but right now, I'm just gonna sit. And listen. And watch.

Today has been the most incredible Saturday. This kind of Saturday in fact, is one I always dreamed of having. One where you actually get to sleep in but don't feel you've wasted your entire day, get some sunshine and exercise, talk to a friend, get something productive done and overall, relish in each moment without worrying about the next.

I discovered yesterday there's an incredible nursery near where we live now and have been anxious to get outside and fix up our backyard and patio. It has great potential but will take a lot of work and I'm quickly finding... a lot of money too :) Usually, I'd go all in, buy more plants than I needed and make a job bigger than I should but today I stuck with what I've researched and didn't make any extra purchases. With the exception of a very important gardening accessory, of course, my new hat!

Growing up, my best friend Tiffany's mom always had the most beautiful plants and flowers blooming in their yard, a colorful backdrop and catalyst for a no limits imagination during our make believe time as little girls. I specifically remember their mailbox almost hidden by the most fragrant Yellow Bell shrub, the scent so powerful I can still smell it in my memory. I feel as though the plants that will grow in my garden, the ones I introduce to Baby K should have a story and a memory to share along with it. And when I introduce my baby to the Yellow Bells, I'll tell him/her about Bernie's mailbox.
Later on, DK and I took a trip to the Home Depot where he had to exchange some wood he'd purchased in the wrong length and as expected, we left with more than the correct size wood, but also a shop vac and a few others "much needed" items. This place is quickly becoming our new Target. In line to exchange the wood, this beautiful African American woman looks right at me, points to my belly and says matter of factly "THAT's a GIRL." We find out for sure Monday and a big part of me wants to go back and let her know (if) she was correct... overly sentimental I realize but cut me some slack, this is my first time.

Once we arrived home, I was unloading some things in the kitchen when I heard DK hollar "Babe, you should come see this." What I saw as I walked out the back door and into the backyard was everything included in a gardener's nightmare. Every plant, bag of soil, and tool I'd purchased that morning had been shredded open, dragged across the lawn and vigorously chewed on in a way that still has me questioning the "adorable" nature of either of my sweet pups. It was intentional and it was ugly. I looked around in horror but had to turn away to stifle my laughter. It was just that bad!! Orson's presence was lacking and Kenai was clingy, indicating they were both ridiculously guilty. We locked them up and eventually managed to get things back on track and now somehow have to navigate our way through teaching these dogs, who've lived in an apartment so long how to grow a green thumb/paw. (This photo, taken later on, barely shows any of the real damage.)

The feelings I experienced with my hands in the dirt, the sun on my back, digging and planting my Yellow Bells was pretty incredible. It's been awhile since I've gardened, but now that I'm pregnant there's a new emotional attachment to the life in these plants and the beauty of well creation and life. After all, it is all about mating and growing new life right?
Now I'm sitting on the back patio in my favorite camping chair, (we're holding out to find the best patio furniture for us) the wind is blowing and the kids next door are having a birthday party. DK and I keep glancing at one another, no words needed as we're both imagining our one day soon being as noisy at this. The dogs have recovered from their wild rebellious outrage from earlier and are back to being sweet pups, hanging out and enjoying the night air. DK is grilling some burgers on the grill and Baby K is moving around, I think he's hungry :)


Shannon said...

I am behind. I have listened to you on KSBJ for years but I have been in my own little world lately and didn't kinow you were expecting. Congrats. I heard you were announcing the gender but I had to go into my son's therapy before you did. Can't wait to find out. Congrats! Kids are wonderful.

Michael Anderson said...

It is such a short time that we have in Houston to enjoy the spring weather, gotta take advantage of it! I have a few plants that I started in the fall, that are finally starting to come out and show some new growth. Hoping to get some pictures up! Hope the gardening is going well :)

Spring is such a great time to get outside, especially after spending the day cooped up in a cubicle!