Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Amanda's Crew.

I had a chance to spend 5 or so days in DC with my bosom friend Amanda and her 3 incredible babies. The time we spent was precious and consisted of long talks between her and I, lots of learning experience with the kids, and a surprise visit to see Andrew and Arwyn in Baltimore aboard the ship they're working on. Here are some highlight photos...

I asked Andy, "Can you really drive a car already?!"

Pure joy.

My sweet Zo Zo.

"We run this block."

Like mother, like Emily...

Shopping at H&M for maternity clothes!

Aboard the Pride of Baltimore with Andrew and Arwyn!

Amanda interviews J. Timberlake on the Oscars Red Carpet asking "Tell me J, who are you wearing tonight?"

Looking forward to the next visit, possibly when Amanda is here in Houston to help get me through childbirth!!


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