Sunday, July 3, 2011

Is She Coming Today?

Could it be today? I woke up earlier than usual this morning and felt so peaceful, I thought "If today is the day, I want to start getting ready now!" DK stirred, asked me was everything ok. "Yes love", I whispered in the dark, "in case I need to go to the hospital later today, I want to be completely ready." We've already had two or three jumpstart "Are you going into labor now?!" moments so he knew to respond peacefully. "Are you good?" "Yes love", I kissed his forehead, "I'm just excited."

I had a nice shower and quietly gathered my toiletries together in the bathroom. Just in case, hehe. As the sun began to creep up, I tiptoed out of our bedroom and the sound of his heavy breathing with the sight of the laundry baskets he'd worked to sort the day before made my heart soar with love for this man.

I peeked out DK's studio doors thinking I might invite Kenai inside for some quiet time together, but when I saw Orson nestled up against the door sleeping so soundly it felt criminal to disturb such precious sleep. Beneath the tree next to the garage in a cool spot of freshly dug dirt I could see my girl also sleeping, but I knew she was also on duty standing guard for a squirrel DK says she's been after (and actually caught but released yesterday). She hates squirrels.

Now for some raisin bran (my greatest prego craving) and a quiet moment with my laptop to record the latest. I continually make mental notes of things happening around me and how I'll later reference it here on my blog, complete with sentence structure and arrangement of descriptive words. If you know anything about pregnant brain, you know that as brilliant as it may seem at the moment, it's gone almost as soon as it's formed. Gone, whoosh, bye bye.

I'm sitting in our living room right now. It's been a few months we've been in this new house and this living room finally feels complete and settled. It's a bit of an awkward arrangement in terms of walls and structure, but part of me wonders is it just that we lived in a loft so long, we'd forgotten how to incorporate walls into our decor and it's just taken a little extra time to get reacquainted with these common intrusions? In just the living room fiasco (dramatic exaggeration) alone, I've learned a lot about how truly compatible DK and I are. I've seen through the process what a team we are really and how our creativities bounce off and gel together in ways we don't always realize.

This is how it went. Once we moved in, the living furniture was placed and we've had so much else going on that it was never the highest priority to rearrange or put any real investment into the room. But it bothered me everyday I walked through the room and mostly because the setup wasn't conducive to great social interactions. So when DK was out of town a couple weeks ago, I found myself one night filled with great gusto and momentum and thus, rearranged the living room. At 9 months pregnant. (I figured if anything, it would help induce labor.) It felt wonderful to see how when simply changing up the layout of chairs, tv and couches, the room was actually a lot bigger than I'd realized. But it still wasn't right.

Maybe I'm fueled by the vision of incredulous looks across DK's face as he catches me in the act while gasping "WHAT. Are you DOING?!" so I seem to wait till he's out of range when I get these random bursts of superhero furniture moving strength. A couple nights ago, I was sitting on the couch when he came in after mowing the lawn and let me know he was gonna go get cleaned up. The sound of his shower was my cue and I hopped up, a map of how to get what and where in the fastest motion possible already solidified in my crazy head.

Perspiring and panting yet totally satisfied, I waited with anxiousness for him to come down the hall and see my great work. It felt so great to contribute around the house. And when he saw how hard I'd worked, he was complimentary but we both knew it still just wasn't right.

I likened the arrangement to a prepubescent kid with mouthful of huge teeth in great need of braces to help wrangle the situation. We were trying too hard to make too much furniture work in one space. But finally, when I returned from a long day of work on Friday I walked into the house and saw that DK took what I'd started and simplified it. By putting his touch and effort into the layout, he completed the living room in a way that finally made sense. It's a good thing to love sitting in your living room.

So I kinda feel like taking a nap now. Funny how my energy comes in waves! But I want to get back to this because I have things I want to write about before I have to go to the hospital.

Things I'll elaborate on later today: pregnancy photos, house guest preparation analogy, my sister-in-law Kim, the word "miserable", quiet moments experienced with my baby girl thus far, a friend going through divorce, and my maternity leave.

BRB, nap is calling me.

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Kim H. said...

awe, I think its wonderful you have this time to reflect and enjoy. It'll start moving really fast once she arrives. Try to take lots and lots of pictures for yourself to remember it all.