Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Maternity Leave.

Last week was pretty rough physically for me so Friday morning before work, I sat down and asked DK what he thought about me taking off earlier than expected. He didn't even flinch and was fully supportive. Why I was even anxious to talk to my boss about this as well is a mystery to me as she opened her arms and nodded profusely as if she knew the question was coming."We are so prepared for this!"

I feel really relieved and so relaxed now and haven't been so hard on myself for bailing on my original plan to work till I went into labor. I know that Sterling, Bruce and the engineers who work close to the studio are relieved as well, as I'd alerted them they'd be the ones in charge of getting me to the hospital had I gone into labor while on-air. Heehee.

Today was really bittersweet and I got really choked up as I signed off.
Farewell From Liz by lizjordan
This was taken just after my final break. Whoa life, are we really here?


Natalie said...

We love you too, Liz! And we are on our knees in prayer and praise with and FOR you!!! *HUG*

Andrea said...

Aw Liz...thanks for posting this. We had to leave Houston 5 months ago, so I have missed soooo much of your pregnancy journey. These clips make us miss you and KSBJ so much more (DFW stations do not even compare). but they also make me smile. What a journey you are about to take!!! Blessings to you and Baby and DK!

chandra said...

you are marvelous!!
Maternity leave letter