Thursday, July 7, 2011

Silly Details.

It's the little things. Got a mani/pedi and am counting things like this as "The last time before she comes". And I try to make them each special and very memorable.

Getting ready for the day she comes, I chose "Japanese Rose Garden" for my toes.
And for my finger polish, I chose "It's A Girl!"

It's the little things :)


Kat said...

It is the little things! She will love hearing about all the little things later as you are tucking her in or over a bowl of ice cream on a hot rainy day.You're going to have so much fun!
Love the color of the nail polish.

Mandydingo said...

Liz you have been awfully we have a baby????
just one little post saying yes or no?
Praying all goes well.

Mandydingo said...

You've been awfully quiet here we have a baby????? Just a simple yes or no post would be great. Praying all goes well for all 3 of you.