Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Season.

This morning before the sun was even up, I quietly crept out of my warm bed to meet Kim for our weekly workout. Before I left the bedroom, I peered through the dark at the most beautiful site my eyes have ever seen - my little baby girl snuggled up close to her papa. I'm nuts about those two, they are truly gifts from God and my life's greatest purpose... my little family.

We've experienced an incredible past few months since I left the show to go on maternity leave in July and then, the period of waiting that seemed to drag on for forever until she came were so full of growth and change. I had so many perceptions on how things would unfold in the story of her birth and will tell you now that NOTHING happened as I thought it would but the way it did, wooo-weee, I'd never have conjured this one up in even my wildest daydreams.

Part of why I haven't written here in so long is I think because I was handling the after effects of what took place and just wanted it for myself for a little while, free of speculation and opinions from others. More than anything in the world, it seemed that people were so opinionated about childbirth, childcare, and everything connected that I needed to accept my experience first for myself and find my bearings it all before talking about it. For as long as I've been in radio, I've shared details of my struggles and excitement in life, but this was way different.

Every year I go wild over each sign of fall approaching and feel an overwhelming burst of productivity, creativity and motivation. But this year I feel it 100 times greater with more purpose. And it's impossible to deny this surge of confidence or my need to make karate chop sfx to accompany my newfound motherlike abilities. But... I hear motherhood does that to you.

As evidenced by my annual blog post about my love for fall, I am crazy over this season and the anticipation to discover what change it will bring is intoxicating. Each year God seems to use Kenai, Orson and a deep thought provoking thunderstorm to help me discover the new season has arrived once again.

But this year after a long summer drought, the storm clouds rolled in and I found myself creating a memory I pray never fades.

Jordan experiencing her first change in season...


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Jenn said...

Ah-ha! I knew once I quit checking for a picture you would post one :).

She is SO incredibly beautiful!

Congratulations and Blessings!!