Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Morning Girl.

I've never been a morning person. I'm not lazy, I just get inspired to do 80 million more things at night when I should be going to bed. It seems as though for my entire life, I've always aspired to utilize my mornings to do things like open up my windows and greet the singing birds (like in a Disney movie) or journal with a steaming cup of coffee (like they do in romantic comedies). But in my reality,  I'm slamming the alarm clock for "JUST 5 MORE MINUTES!" and then scrambling through my unfolded laundry for that missing shirt that's supposed to go with that skirt. Lovely, ya?

Why do you think I keep my makeup bag in my purse? ;-)

Since having Jordan, I've never been so excited and ready to wake up each morning. From the moment she stirs from sleep, her eyes open wide and bright as her entire face morphs into the most joy filled smile. As she opens her mouth to smile, she takes a big breathe as though she's confidently taking in the new day, certain it's going to be wonderful! Any day now I feel like she'll start laughing from her gut and I won't be able to contain myself. She wakes up bursting with energy and sunshine and now my mornings look so much different. My entire day in fact, looks a lot different now that she's my alarm clock.

Funny how those 5 extra minutes to snooze are so unimportant now and waking up before she does just so I don't miss that incredible transition from peaceful sleep to bright eyed wonderment over her new day is the best part of mine.
Good morning, little Stink Bug!
She lays next to me on her back and I watch her as she kicks and smiles and coos and blows bubbles. We talk about our day, about how much I love her and wonder out loud when papa will wake up :) I'm working hard to not allow anything else take away from these moments with her, because they're gone so fast and before I know it, I'm waving goodbye as I drive away to work. Oh how I love our mornings...

Tomorrow's post: the story of how we chose her name.

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