Monday, January 30, 2012

Dress Up With Dad.

He never hesitates to change a poopy diaper. He always jumps up from what he's doing if she needs him. He's always willing to feed her, dress her, play with her, put her down at bedtime and he's never scared if she's screaming her head off. 

He's an incredible dad. 

Today, my hat's off to dads who'll do anything to make their girls smile :)
And she is CRAZY about her dad.

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Mandydingo said...

I know you have no clue who i am just a fan of yours and wanted to say this little bit. I really really miss seeing updates on your beautiful family. I felt like I knew you and I feel like part of my family is missing...I know that sounds so WEIRD. Your not on the air anymore your not on your blog...has been such a sad sad time. :( I hope and pray that your family is doing well and that Jordan is continuing to be a light that shines so brightly to everyone she meets. ( I am sure she is b/c she has two great parents to help her)
God greatest blessings to your and your family.