Monday, July 2, 2012

Late Morning Lullaby.

A while back I was taking advantage of one of my greatest "experienced mom" resources and asked my darling friend Becky how she keeps the house clean on weekends.

"I don't clean on weekends" said Becky.

Well hot dog, then neither will I. And what's funny is how since I've been a stay at  home mom, I truly have no recollection of what each day is from day to day yet still haven't been able to shake the natural feeling of celebration and elation of Friday having finally arrived. Like a sort of relief and hopeful expectation for all the possibilities the weekend might hold, you know? 

This weekend we had no plans. It was the sort of weekend I made a point to think to myself "Liz, you really need to appreciate this rainy Saturday morning for all the others you've been so busy and unable to sit still and  do a puzzle over coffee with your husband."

And I DID.

Hope your weekend was beautiful!


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