Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Joy Bomb.

I realize God has purpose and a calling for each of our lives but I didn't realize how much that purpose could be revealed in even a 6 month old.

From the time she was just a few weeks old, Jordan has exuded PURE JOY from her smiles and through her eyes. I can't explain it with words the way she's able to bring the most brilliant sunshine to everyone who has the chance to meet her, her joy is overwhelmingly contagious!

As her mom, I'm quickly learning this kid has an important role and I shake my head in disbelief over the fact she seems to be aware of it too. Yesterday was Jordan's 6 month birthday and for the occasion I dressed her up in a pink frou frou dress from Grandma Kilgore.
Later in the day, we were tooling around Hobby Lobby looking for supplies for a shower I'm helping throw for a friend this weekend. Pushing a cart with Jordan in my arms, I stopped to ask an employee where I could find a particular something. She looked up from what she was doing with a heavy sigh and a weary look on her face. As her gaze almost immediately transferred from me to the now bouncing baby in my arms, a light, a peace, and a laughter washed over her and the sight absolutely took my breath away. I looked down at Jordan, now kicking and shrieking, her mouth open in the biggest smile she could give like a gift to this new friend she'd made. An explosion of joy! The woman gasped, put her hand on her heart to brace herself and shook her head. "Wow!" she said "She just made my day." I felt like a fly on the wall and realized this was just Jordan doing her thing.

Later on down another aisle, I shifted my wriggly baby to my right side, her little booty resting on my hip as I concentrated hard on my many options up on the shelf. I felt her start kicking and bouncing again, the shrieks came next and I looked up to see another woman stopped in her tracks by Jordan, hands on knees, bright smile across her face, exclaiming over what a joyous baby she could tell Jordan was. She said to me "She found me! She was doing this before I even made eye contact with her!" And then yelled "Irene, get over here, you've got to see this baby!"

Irene (her friend?) came out from behind the aisle of fabrics and just lost it. These two women fell to mush as Jordan continued to create this glittery and magical moment of silliness full of hysterical laughter and such love radiating from her beautiful blue eyes. I was holding Jordan, but it was as though I really wasn't even there!

And finally, as we stood looking for a birthday card, a sweet older lady came flying around the corner and almost ran into us. She had her head down but as soon as she looked up to apologize, Jordan caught her eye and started her magic. I swear this woman initially looked worn and stressed, but the exhaustion disappeared and a peace settled over her as Jordan smiled and cooed and drew her in. I did a double take and noticed tears had welled up in her eyes. She reached for Jordan's shoeless foot (it fell off at home before we'd even left) and said "Well aren't you a special little girl. You just made my day."

On our drive home, I praised God over and over for that little toot!! I prayed out loud "God!! Get me out of the way of whatever plans you have for this little joy bomb you've placed in our care!! Use me effectively to teach and guide her according to all that cool stuff you've got in mind!! Wow!!"

And this is only the beginning. Happy 6 Month Birthday, my darling darling little girl. I LOVE YOU.



heather hub said...

Her enthusiasm and light comes across really well in photos...I can't even imagine how it would be in person! What a little treasure of a baby you have! She's going to be the sunshine in everyone's day...what a talent!

Rai said...

She does look happy!

LKH said...

Very sweet! No doubt your own joy is a major credit!

MariaB said...

She is beautiful... love her eyes!!