Wednesday, June 18, 2008

learning from project 365.

Though I've learned a lot of new things since DK and I launched our Project 365, many things I knew already have been seriously reinforced.

The idea is to take one photo of yourself for 365 days, an entire year. I knew right off the bat if I did this alone, I'd start with great gusto and intention, but would slack here and there and show signs of my consistent inconsistency.

So DK and I started together... and it's hilarious how vibrantly our individualism and character has shown it's colors through and through!

And not just in the photos, but in the process of taking them too!

It'll be 11 p.m. on a particular night, I'll be tired, lazy and not creative but then DK will spring up with some brilliant idea, setting up tripod, lights, the works... and from him, I'll roll with some needed creative aspect of the photo... then we post. Other days, the idea will strike me in a meeting or on my way to work and I'll text him saying "How about if we call the circus and ask for a couple lions..." and we go from there. For us, being new in our relationship, it's been the most fun project to do together, learning from and about each other with every new photo. We've also made some great friends through Flickr 365 Blogrolls!

It's the most interesting thing, only 52 days in at this point, to look back and remember how I was feeling each day, what I was wearing that day, to what level I admired DK and his capabilities, and so much more. Think of it as a photographic journal...

Click here to learn more about how to launch your own!

And click here to see ours!


heather hub said...

liz, i love your photo project. all the pics are just beautiful and full of life and creativity. what a fun thing to be a part of. i hope you're doing super great (looks like it!) and i miss you, friend!

Jennifer said...

Liz, I love your 365 project. Your pictures are always so great. I wish I had that kind of creativity for mine. Most of mine are just "oh this is good" You always look so happy in your pictures too!