Thursday, August 28, 2008

breaking the molds.

When it comes to decorating, I usually tend to play it safe. I love to feel comfortable, inspired and surround myself with things that remind me of traveling, the people I love and I live by the "less is more" guideline. I love natural lighting (overhead lights are awful) and the feeling of "clean" whether its color used or no dust present. I adore our house, it was built in the 1920's and though it doesn't have the best insulation system, (Stacey's Jeff calls it the "sweat box" and in summer months, it's pretty accuarate.) BUT... there is SO. much. character. Wood floors, exposed wood beams, high ceilings, amazing front porch, french doors, extended closets... we are blessed.

I'm currently working on breaking molds and busting out of decorating habits while trying to maintain my "no shopping till Christmas" budget probation. It's a difficult feat to conquer but I've found there are loopholes (grocery category, helloooo, totally transferrable!). I've always been a fan of the classic black & white motif and have started implementing pieces into my bedroom (pillows, artwork from thailand, etc.) little by little. I believe that decorating, like life, is a process. It can and should be a reflection of your journey. (As earthy and new-agey as that sounds, I really do think so.)

Another mold I'm working to break is that of leaning towards the more glamorous persuasion. I'm having a tough time with this because first of all, I'm not glamorous in any sense of the word, I did buy a pair of designer jeans, but I just don't cut it. However, when I look through design and decorating magazines lately, the things I'm more and more attracted to are really suprising me.

I'm loving the rich, brilliant colors vs. earth tones, stripes and bold patterns vs. solids, and more glitzy, shiny things too in terms of lamps and hangy stuff. Oo la la... What I think is taking place is my evolution from english rustic cottage to retro French glamour diva ba-bam. Could it be?!

Ok, so I need your help. I've already got DK and Stacey on the case and they love the current blue in my bathroom. But I'm still struggling. I just painted it to cover up the awful green that was previously on the walls. Here's what I really want to do with it - thank you Pottery Barn "Shop by Room"!

Beautiful, isn't it? Also, just for fun, I really love this room too:


Anonymous said...

Hey Girl ... I've told you before, you're "glamorous" on the inside!
However - in regards to your decor: first off - I love the shade of blue, it looks identical to what I just painted our "spare" room (used to be a guest room - now converted into a work-out room). It's a great relaxing, fresh color -- as far as decorating "objects" pictures, nic-nacs, etc ... HOBBY LOBBY. Believe it or not they have some great stuff. Never pay full price - they are Always putting things 1/2 off or you can go online a print a coupon from 25% to 40% off (coupons not good on sale items). Just some thoughts! I love pottery barn too ... I just can't afford it :)

debra said...

I love both of those rooms. I have been eye balling the green room for some time. I love pottery barn catalogs. They offer so much inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz...I live in an old house too and LOVE all the charm it has. I like both of those pictures but the GREEN and BLACK really speak to me. It's glamourous but not over the top. It's VERY classy but has a punch of freshness to it.

I agree with your decorating is a process, adding layer after layer. It can not be done in one weekend. Plus, sometimes "shopping' in your own home is a good way to freshen up things. If you move furniture, accessories, pictures, pillows, etc to different rooms they take on a new look. Good luck!