Monday, July 6, 2009


I was sitting next to DK, his arm around me, waiting for fireworks to begin over downtown when I noticed this incredible excitement welling up within me. I felt so inspired, started writing this in my head and wanted to get down in detail why fireworks impact me so much. They're captivating, completely stunning and leave you in a state of awe and wonder. Frozen for those moments in time, we tilt our view towards the sky as the light and bursts of color dance across our face, the boom and blasts startling yet totally exhilarating! Fireworks are not just powerful in their boom and blast, but also in their ability to halt a busy crowd, completely drawing attention away from everything else.

And I always seem to remember where I was anytime I've been entranced by a fireworks spectacle. Several 4th of July holidays as kids in Detroit, watching fireworks over Lake St. Claire, snuggled together under blankets. One year I was under an umbrella with mom and Andrew while it rained - those were the loudest booms ever, bouncing off such a low cloud cover! Oh and one year, Andrew and I biked up the unfinished overpass to Woodlands Parkway, higher than anyone else around. That was quite a view, I know I have pictures somewhere. And wow... I always think about the one 4th of July we almost lost my dad. David and Kim drove behind the ambulance, passing fireworks all the way to the medical center - The Woodlands, off 1960 and also downtown... what bizarre and eerie timing.

But the show is always over before I realize it, the grand finale of powpowpowboompowboom! one after the other hitting just when I thought they were getting started. I always close my eyes for a moment and breathe a prayer for those who serve our country, in any branch of military. I have no idea what it is to do what they do or even what it feels like have a brother, dad or cousin serving... but I am so grateful. I'm so grateful for what they do to protect my freedom. That's a powerful element of a fireworks show, remembering those that serve and have served, hoooah!

And yet there's something so romantic about fireworks, they inspire contemplation of settled contentedness and warmth, stirring desire (and hope for the future) for the closeness of a "significant" viewing partner. Haha, I always dreamed about a man I could hold hands with while watching fireworks, I always tried to plan it just so. But despite my faultless plans, it never ever happened until last summer with DK. It was truly my favorite 4th ever... on bikes with Dave, Kim, DK and a couple others, zooming through downtown, laying on the side of the bayou on our backs watching the fireworks literally above us, great food, great energy. Holding hands. With my love! Best ever. And this year we made no attempt to top it :) Ya just can't!

However, we did walk from DK's with the dogs to UH downtown campus and sat on the back patio, together, looking out over the skyline, watching fireworks. And I had to catch my breath a couple times... such a perfect setting! I really couldn't have planned it better myself :)


James ~n~ Amber said...

You know...We had fireworks at our wedding (hint hint). It is one of my favorite things about that day, and produced some of my favorite pictures. You can see them on my flickr.

Brittany said...

I feel the same awe. Every time.

Love that shot of you and DK! :)

Deek said...

This is so beautiful...

James ~n~ Amber said...

Good morning! I've tagged you on my blog today. I hope you'll play :)

Dad K said...


Why am I so suprised that you are such a prolific writer. For your every day experiences to flow like that you must be so in touch; so aware of your life. That's the blessing y'know, that you can see the simple wonders. From one journal writer to another, I'm so proud of you. Love, Dad