Thursday, July 9, 2009

the meaning of life.

When I was a little girl, I would daydream about being 25 years old and having it all figured out. To me, having it all figured out meant being involved in healthy relationships and handling conflict powerfully. Money would come easily and in my wallet, I'd consistently have so many ones, this many fives, tens and of course, twenties. I'd be at the apex of my career and be climbing higher, in a creative environment that in some way helped a lot of people. And 25 was it, I'd have it all figured out. I sat in my room as a kid and made these lists, no joke.

From time to time, I like to revert back to 10 year old Liz, check in and see how she'd think I'm doing. Last week, DK and I were taking a walk with the dogs, not talking much when I asked him "What do YOU think the meaning of life is?" We chatted back and forth with obvious answers and since then I've been thinking more about it. So much so, I talked about it on the show yesterday to see what you think.

For me, it's become about big picture thinking. Focusing on the trivial pieces of life are important in ways, yes but lately I've felt my perspective widening and generalizing in a way that just lets stuff go easier, isn't offended as easily, and relaxes in the understanding of who I have to answer to in the end. Concerning my career and the big money, I know that for a season I'm where God wants me to be. Some days I love it, other days I wrestle with God and why on earth I have to do this every day (see forthcoming blog titled "so nervous I went blind".) Thing is, I never saw myself here and I can't imagine being anywhere else. I figure I'm just along for the ride?!

And I think big picture thinking helps with the specifics. Loving others first and serving God. Pretty simple. And all this, coming from a truly complicated and "but what if" questioning girl! Aha!

Yesterday I was floored with your response, your honesty, wisdom and transparency. I heard from a girl who's turning 28 on the 28th of this month, is scared to death because she is nowhere near where she thought she'd be by now. 2 minutes later a 50 year woman calls and says "I feared the same thing as I turned 28 on July 28th many years ago, but this ride has been full of many unexpected adventures, my life so full of joy! Please tell the last caller she's going to be ok." (I love working at KSBJ).

And today I'm still receiving emails concerning the meaning of life and "where we thought we'd be by now". Today Chelsea wrote and said: "I have everything I expected. I am 24. I graduated from college, married when I was 22, have a job, bought a house when I was 23, have a wonderful Godly husband. I am truly, truly blessed. However, even though I am where I expected to be, it's still now WHAT I thought it would be. I thought it would be perfect. And easy. I thought I'd have a clean home, make great money, have fun hobbies, etc. Not true! I constantly struggle with wanting something more... wanting to be in the next stage. This STUFF means nothing. My place in life means nothing. I'm slowly learning not to hold myself up to the world's standards. What it all comes down to is this: Is my life glorifying God? If it's not, it's just stuff... and I'm just a resounding gong."

I love it. I love the conversation and what it's stirred up in my heart. What are your thoughts?

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