Friday, November 13, 2009


I like the sound of it. It sounds like and helps everything feel more like fall. The whistles, the crowd, the crashing of big guys and the commentators, ya know. However, I know nothing about the game and rarely watch it.

Last week after work, I came to visit DK but he was still wrapped up in some work so I decided to watch TV. Nothing was on so I decided to watch a football game. I have no idea how much time went by but apparently I was really getting into the game. Kenai was sitting next to me on the couch and eventually left me as I'm sure she was weirded out by me yelling "Come on!! Get that guy!!" and "Run faster, run harder you BOZO!!"

It was then in my peripheral vision, I saw DK standing there, arms crossed looking extremely amused. "What on earth are you doing?!" He was cracking up at me.

I immediately became aware of the situation and how random it was I was not only watching the game but also how engrossed in it I'd become. "I'm watching football" I told him sheepishly, "I was just watching the game."


Then last night as we were leaving for my new car celebration dinner, I told DK I hoped we'd be back in time to see the 49er's game. I was totally kidding but he asked "Who's that?" I explained to him they are the football team in San Francisco. He looked at me, the cutest smile on his face and asked "Are they a Major League team?"


Hawkgirl said...

Okay, this makes my day. Except for the whole wanting to see the 49rs game (the Seahawks arch rivals). Go girl!


Hi Liz! Was it a 49ers game that you were watching? My boyfriend loves football and is a huge 49ers fan, and I have actually started liking to watch it too!! No one was more surprised than me :)